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1. What differentiates Ensure® Gold from other nutritional supplements on the market?


a. Ensure® Gold is the ONLY oral nutritional supplement containing HMB to support muscle health including Acti-HMB along with high-quality protein and vitamin D.

2. Is the Ensure® range of products suitable for lactose intolerance?


a. YES! However, Ensure® products are NOT suitable for galactosaemia.

3. Do the Ensure® range of products contain gluten?


a. No - all the Ensure® range of products are gluten-free.

4. I mixed a serving of Ensure® Gold and didn’t finish it. Can I still drink it?


a. As long as you cover and refrigerate it, you can consume it within 24 hours after mixing.

5. Can I take the Ensure® range of products as a meal replacement?


a. No - nutritional supplements should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Their function is to supplement the normal diet with adequate nutrients, when these are not being met by the diet in the necessary quantities.

6. How long can I take the Ensure® range of products for?


a. In good health there are no contraindications to prolonged use of the product. It is recommended to consume 1 - 2 servings a day and to not exceed this recommended dose. In the case of diseases such as weight loss, we recommend you consult your doctor.

7. I have diabetes. Can I take the Ensure® range of products?


a. No - Ensure® range of products are not suitable for people living with diabetes.

8. Can I take the Ensure range of products like other multi-vitamins?


a. Yes, you can! Especially Ensure® Gold which offers the benefits of high-quality protein, vitamin D, calcium and 0.7g HMB per serving. β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate (HMB), an active metabolite of leucine, is among the building blocks of proteins. If you are following a diet for pathology, we recommend you consult your doctor.

9. I am interested in receiving more information. How do I go about this?


a. Please call our toll-free helpline on 0861 22 68 87 and one of our professional call-centre agents will be happy to assist.



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