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All children love their mother, but in Camilla’s eyes hers is a real heroine. The reason? Simple: Camilla’s mother is a doctor. In the child’s eyes, there is nothing more heroic than healing sick people and this fills her with pride.

When her mother comes home it is always a party for Camilla, who begins to follow her wherever she goes, telling her about her day. Once he’s finished, he sits down with her on the couch to be told all the things he’s done at work. Camilla likes to hear about life in the hospital. She has thought about it a lot, but as much as she admires her mom’s work, she’s still not sure she wants to be a doctor when she grows up: she prefers to swim and draw, so maybe she’ll do the job.

Most importantly, he found that being a doctor takes a lot of time. Usually it is one of her grandparents who comes to pick her up from school, sometimes even her father, because her mother is at work. Sometimes she tries to stay awake to greet her when she comes back late, and is always sad when she can’t. Despite everything, her mom always finds time to be with her, taking her to the playground or having fun with her on the swing in the garden on nice days, or inventing an activity for children or chores to do at home if it’s raining outside.



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